Revival Visions Vary!

Coastal Cities are implementing the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations Global Compact. Urban Renewal components include resilience, climate adaptability, frequently mimic or function like nature. FEMA lists Boston as being in “retrograde” with respect to vital and responsible urban redevelopment.


Children on the Harbor Walk Paint their Visions of Pier 5

Pier 5 Views, Visions + Goals

The efforts to revive the Pier 5 public park span generations and hundreds of collective years. There are common components amongst varying views and visions for its recreation. Priorities include historic preservation with true waterfront access for all. Image: Children on the Harbor Walk Paint their Visions of Pier 5

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Go Boston 2030 Vision & Action Planning

Visions & Action Plan Components Climate Ready Program In Boston’s recent history, ethical urban development challenges of public asset privatization and politics. Now with recent offer, the Boston Redevelopment Authority is finally onboard with having a park instead of private development.

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Reviving Historic Piers as Landmark Parks

BRA offers Pier 5 at $0 cost to Activate a Green Public Park.
Let’s welcome this opportunity to reactivate

Inspired Conceptual Visions

Coastal Ecotone Urban Renewal


We’re creating neighborhood solutions to coastal flooding from sea level rise and coastal storms.


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City of Boston 2030 Vision

The City of Boston Redevelopment Authority Vision 2030 program defined the vital need for waterfront public access with connected open space. As described by Richard McGuinness, Deputy Director for Climate Change and Environmental Planning at the Boston Redevelopment Authority:

An activated waterfront is anchored by varied types of open spaces, featuring cultural resources and year-round programming and connecting people with the natural, cultural, and economic history of the region.  

Unfortunately, the promising Boston 2030 vision has been compromised by privatization which, antithetically, disconnects people from the natural, cultural, and economic history of the region. There is no Public Private Project (PPP) oversight entity in Boston. A Private Authority determines Urban Development without a Master Plan. Community voices have fallen on deaf ears for two generations throughout Boston. Fortunately, visions and revisions of the Boston 2030 visions are being revived. Boston is one of the only cities that lacks a Public Private Project (PPP) oversight committee to stop this socio-economic and ecological backward course.



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Despite the City of Boston Redevelopment Authority Boston 2030 Vision Plan, Pier 5 maintenance has been neglected. Most recent engineering reports of 2017 and 2018 continued recommendations of maintenance. The City of Boston Redevelopment Authority has not maintained Pier 5 to date opening the door for privatization of this unique public National Park waterfront.

One of the few fully open Harborwalk places, Pier 5 has endured over 40 years of missed opportunities for the public. Ethical, Sustainable Urban Renewal with resilient open green space would have bolstered the Charlestown Naval Yard capacity for tourism revenue and public well being. Are reparations in sight? The City of Boston Redevelopment Authority has decades of unused funds designated for Pier 5 maintenance. As a part of Boston becoming a green city again, these funds should be considered as a financial source to reactivate National Park Pier 5. It would be a leap forward with a project ready to happen.

Unbridled development in Charlestown will severely compound deficient planning having detrimental impacts on public well being, resilience, property value, infrastructure and tourism revenue. With no Master Plan, repercussions will last for generations to come and soon challenge the Big Dig efficacy.

“Greenway Crossroads” BRA Mural Proudly Presented

Early in BRA Navy Yard stewardship, a mural hung at the BRA entrance “Greenway Crossroads” proudly presented the future public green space at Piers 4, 5, 6. The Boston Naval Yard is a Special Place for the Public. How did the BRA stray so far from that original vision?  Now proposing the privatizing of a valuable public amenity and removing it from the public realm?  Why are private condominiums for a few now proposed for a harbor site that calls for the Public’s Enjoyment and Use of the Harbor? 

Head of Boston Harbor is a specially designated place, recognised as a strategic visibility apex asset since colonial times repeated through generations of war and maritime commerce.

Pier 5 is the master dock of the Boston Naval Yard. The adjacent Dry Dock was the largest in the country at one point. Both building Destroyer ships for the U.S. Navy.


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Vision – Cost Benefits Analysis Factors

  • Social justice, quality of life and public access rights to amenities of real waterfront open space. 
  • Resolution of the myriad of legal disputes and challenged issues
  • Re-establishment of Chapter 91 protections that have been perverted and promotion of public use of tidelands and waterways. 
  • Ecologically based construction and Leeds design and audits.
  • Possible demolition delay applications and construction moratoriums at disputed areas. 
  • Effects of Harbor currents and tidal dynamics
  • Environmental challenges, toxic waste removal. 
  • Climate resilience strategies to increase the city’s resilience to climate change and sea level rise. 
  • Establishment of permanent Harbor Transportation and links
  • Presentation of Ecologically and Historically significant areas.
  • Establishment View and Vista Easements up and down the National Treasure that is our Boston Harbor and Harborwalk. 
  • Reconsider proposed blockage and Prevent further obstructions. 
  • Chapter 91s Water Dependent uses of “fishing, fowling and navigation”.
  • Water based recreation like expansion of the world renown Courageous Sailing Center
  • Public open space with a cafe, pop-ups, Nature-Based Maritime areas, underwater viewing, virus safe open air areas
  • Maritime Research, Innovation and Education programming / centers
  • Re-establishment of the Children’s Ship School and the World Sailing College
  • Historical exhibits and Art presentations. Tall Ships, Ocean Racing, Alternative Energy and Innovations
  • Pier 5 is an Anchor of both the Harborwalk and the Freedom Trail. A Tourism Juncture. 
  • Pier 5 is a Special Place at the Head of Boston Harbor. Early in BRA Navy Yard stewardship they knew this.  
  • The BRA originally presented Pier 5 as a “Green Area” at the for public uses. This huge Mural ung at the BRA entrance for years. 
  • Why did the BRA divert this classic planning position of preserving Special Places for the Public?  
  • Why is the BRA now proposing the privatization of this valuable public amenity?