“Greenway Crossroads” BRA Mural Proudly Presented

Early in BRA Navy Yard stewardship, a mural hung at the BRA entrance “Greenway Crossroads” proudly presented the future public green space at Piers 4, 5, 6. The Boston Naval Yard is a Special Place for the Public. How did the BRA stray so far from that original vision?  Now proposing the privatizing of aContinue reading ““Greenway Crossroads” BRA Mural Proudly Presented”

Pier 5 Views, Visions + Goals

The efforts to revive the Pier 5 public park span generations and hundreds of collective years. There are common components amongst varying views and visions for its recreation. Priorities include historic preservation with true waterfront access for all. Image: Children on the Harbor Walk Paint their Visions of Pier 5

Waterfront Alliance – Example of a Better Waterfront

Public access is key… to breaking down physical and social bar.  Commit to opening up more waterfront access for recreation and education, with a focus on creating equitable open spaces for all New Yorkers.  Open space access has been acutely felt by New Yorkers during Covid-19, especially as vulnerable and lower-income communities have access toContinue reading “Waterfront Alliance – Example of a Better Waterfront”

Coastal Solutions for East Boston and Charlestown

Coastal Resilience Solutions for East Boston and Charlestown ¿Quieres ver esta encuesta en español? Clic aquí. What is this survey for? This survey walks through the same feedback questions presented in the first Open House (April 29, 2021) for the project Coastal Resilience Solutions for East Boston and Charlestown. The Coastal Resilience Solutions project will identify neighborhood solutionsContinue reading “Coastal Solutions for East Boston and Charlestown”


Welcoming Open Parks? NYC, decided that open parks and activities for the public are more important than buildings blocking the community views and experience Special Vista Attractions? Get even a higher view to the horizon, learn about the harbor and the history, without blocking the view for thousands… An Interesting Garden? With beach-like areas, placesContinue reading “WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE ON PIER 5?”


This is example of one of the proposals. Aiming to place floating buildings, blocking over 200′ of the currently open waterfront and privatize the entire use of Pier 5 AND over 50% of the existing water-sheet.  This is an example of the actual Harbor-View impact BLOCKING ~200′ OR MORE OF THE WATERFRONT Including the entireContinue reading “BRA/BPDA IGNORED PUBLIC INTEREST”