Pier 5 Chronology of BRA Plans

1975 “BOSTON NAVAL SHIPYARD/CHARLESTOWN BRA – Planning  and Development Program” for Navy Yard Acquisition.  Boston Redevelopment Authority, Robert T. Kenney, Director, Boston, MA  November 1975  (Includes demolishing Bldg. 197 and Pier 5 as marina use) “The problems and the site’s previous use as a Naval Base have thus  deprived Charlestown residents of~ enjoying the mostContinue reading “Pier 5 Chronology of BRA Plans”

Coming $4 billion COVID-19 relief

By John Hilliard Globe Staff,Updated December 26, 2021, 1:26 p.m. The $4 billion COVID-19 relief package includes $125,000 to extend the Danvers Rail Trail in Middleton.JIM DAVIS/GLOBE STAFF Lowell will get money to improve its parks, Belmont to design a skating rink, Lexington to buy electric school buses. The $4 billion COVID-19 relief package signed this monthContinue reading “Coming $4 billion COVID-19 relief”

The Legacy of Our Waterfront

Christopher Nicodemus, Charlestown, MA What began as a group of concerned citizens concerned about the public process address the fate of pier 5 has turned into the establishment of a new organization focused on neglected pieces of the Boston waterfront, especially here in Charlestown. The P5A is now a 501C3 organization focused on bringing togetherContinue reading “The Legacy of Our Waterfront”

Waterfront Alliance – Example of a Better Waterfront

Public access is key… to breaking down physical and social bar.  Commit to opening up more waterfront access for recreation and education, with a focus on creating equitable open spaces for all New Yorkers.  Open space access has been acutely felt by New Yorkers during Covid-19, especially as vulnerable and lower-income communities have access toContinue reading “Waterfront Alliance – Example of a Better Waterfront”