Boston Pier 4 Noise Study 2021

Boston Harbor Pier 4 Noise Study 11 mph wind speed caused 63 noise decibels on 10/15/21 Northside.

Boston Municipal Code standards for unreasonable noise levels are: -louder than 50 decibels from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m., or -louder than 70 decibels at any time, except for permitted construction. 63 decibel level was primarily due to sailing school engineless small sailboat rigs and halyards. Samples taken late at night to omit significant ambient variables such as Pier 6 outdoor bar-restaurant and marina noise such as automobile, trucks and boat engines.

Also excluded are Pier 4 regular operations, outdoor tented group events, racing activities and ferry services. The engineless sailboat fleet was docked with sail covers and booms made fast. Pier 6 marina accommodated large sailboats in the past and may in the future.