Revive Pier 5!

Activate Pier 5!

Boston Naval Yard Pier 5
National Park

Honoring Maritime Legacies

Resilient, adaptive, ethical urban development is threatened by privatization of real public assets.

The Boston Naval Yard Pier 5 is the only fully open Harbor Walk location with unobstructed view sheds including the Charles and Mystic Rivers, Boston skyline, East Boston and the entire harbor all the way to the Harbor Islands. 

Pier 5 Association is making extraordinary progress to reactivate this public property as an landmark waterfront national park providing healthful recreation, cultural events and historic views from the Head of Boston Harbor.

Adjacent piers include renown Pier 6 marina/restaurant to the North and the beloved Courageous Sailing Center city side. Neighboring National Treasure, the U.S.S. Constitution frigate is an international tourist attraction with over 350,000 visitors each year to learn and explore. One of Boston’s most visited museums.

Cities are opening access to public waterfront and creating landmark attractions for well being generations to come. 

The Need


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Other Cities Value Socio-Ecological Equity,
Public Health & Resilient Waterfront Urban Renewal.
Shouldn’t Boston?

What do you envision for Pier 5?

A Welcoming Open Park

A Welcoming Open Park New York City decided that open parks and activities for the public are more important than buildings blocking the community views and experience. Imagine a inviting quiet place we can all enjoy all day, year round. An iconic outdoor place with important views in every direction.

Unique Engaging Views

Unique Engaging Views No other point in the harbor offers this unique spot to watch sailboat racing year round. Multiple events, attracting thousands. Pier 5 served dozens of Tall-Ships docking and sailing right here during Sail-Boston 2000 and 2017. We hope to welcome the world’s Tall Ships again in the near future. The only fully open public park at the Head-of-the-Harbor. CanContinue reading “Unique Engaging Views”

Rambling Garden and Outdoor Sitting

Rambling Garden and Outdoor Sitting With open space to view, relax and enjoy the waterfront. Olmsted’s perpetual horizons. Liminality. An ideal place to fully enjoy a well sheltered area on Pier 5 combined with historic elements?

Celebrate the Maritime History

Celebrate the Maritime History A Landmark Point of Interest, memorializing 50,000 women and men working in the Navy-Yard during WWII. Pier 5 served tens of Tall-Ships docking and sailing right here during Sail-Boston 2000 and 2017. This is the area where British Ships assaulted the Patriots at The Battle of Bunker Hill.  This is where John Winthrop sailed and foundedContinue reading “Celebrate the Maritime History”

Honor Navy Civil Rights Milestones

Honor Navy Civil Rights Milestones With a crew of 150 African-American enlisted men and six officers. was part of the Evarts-class destroyer escort for other naval vessels in the Atlantic Ocean. The USS Mason (DE-529) commissioned on March 20, 1944.

Beloved Courageous Sailing Center

Beloved Courageous Sailing Center Keep the Watersheet! Children sailors need sheltered, well protected water sheet for practicing and docking.


Programming A place to celebrate the city, the history, the marine life and the harbor for generations. The end of the pier could be a great place for a events and other programming.

Imagine Devastating Private Development

Waterfront Building Blockade

Downtown Boston waterfront, blocked almost completely  open views and public access. The massive over development in front of Historic North-End all the way downtown, continued at the Seaport

Neighbor Pier 6 “Public Way”

Providing an unpleasant experience of a businesses backyard, trash containers etc.  These are not acceptable new developments in the heart of a modern city.

Let’s Revive Pier 5!

To reactivate Pier 5 as a park,
Boston Redevelopment Authority 
announced asking price of $0 !

After a quarter century of advocacy, the public is finally heard!

This is a significant milestone to help realize a responsible, ethical and ecologically minded public park of Pier 5.

We hope you will join us, the BRA, Courageous Sailing School and thousands of supporters moving forward to reactivate Pier 5 as a landmark, open public space that honors this historical and breathtaking location. 

We are grateful for our community of more than 3,600
supporters and volunteers who help protect
this unique National legacy in perpetuity.

Navy Cadet volunteers looking forward to a Pier 5 park in Historic Boston Naval Yard

Let’s continue our tremendous accomplishments for 2022!

  • We have helped prevent the 2021 privatization proposals.
  • Organized and participated numerous public family boardwalk events and meetings to reactivate Pier 5 as a National Park destination.
  • Petition 3,600+ supporters.
  • We have worked with neighbors and institutions.
  • We have engaged political and other leaders.
  • Secured a world class independent engineering firms to determine the present condition of Pier 5 and confirmed restoration options park feasibility. 
  • Analysis Reports including: Historical, Engineering Structural Feasibility, Flood Risk, Acoustic Impacts, Heat Island, Flood berm, Urban Reef, Ornithology Habitat and more.
  • Organizing innovative nature based climate resilient landscape design focus by prospective studios and Universities.  
  • Researching thousands of documents including the original plans, present conditions and legal obligations of the Boston Redevelopment Authority to Pier 5 and the Charlestown Navy Yard historic district.



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